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  1. Scott Schweiger says:

    I had a great experience talking with Derrick today about the history of the barbershop and how passionate he and Joe are to serve their customers. I highly recommend men to check this place out. The barbershop is very clean and staff are taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions. Derrick showed he cares for people and really knows our community.

  2. Michael says:

    First time I’ve been in there but my wife took our son who was 18 months old at the time and loved it and told me to go back to take our son for his next cut. They did everything to follow guidelines during this pandemic and now my son being 2 there was no way he was gonna wear a mask or anything around his face Joe said let’s go outside there’s a nice breeze and it’s nice out we can cut out there. Idk how many places would do that, so he cut my sons hair which went very well and looked great. The atmosphere of the place is wonderful and the fact that the people working there were so genuinely friendly and worked around the situation while also doing safe practices during this time I HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone and will be going back in the future for even myself now. Thank you very much for the service 5 stars.

  3. John Hagen says:

    Today was the Arcadian Barbershop’s re-opening due to the coronavirus. I made my 10 a.m. appointment several days ago, even though I could get in elsewhere sooner. But, I am 76 and I have to be cautious that I am in a safe environment. I was not disappointed. Joe, Derek and company are doing everything they can to assure safety for the customer and, of course, for themselves. Each barbers station is protected by hanging, clear plastic sheets. Everyone MUST wear a mask. When the barber cuts around the ears, he/she holds the straps out of the way. No one is allowed inside until their assigned stations is ready for them. This is a study on how to do it right. Plus, they still do as good a haircut as they have always done.

  4. Dan Colburn says:

    I should have reviewed this shop earlier. I found Joe when he worked for another shop and followed him to his current location. I have since moved to Delavan and, after being dissatisfied with anybody down this way, now travel up to Waukesha once a month to see Joe once again. My wife has even quit her long time hair dresser to come with me for the woman barber (can’t remember here name) who does as good a job if not better.

  5. Mike Bradley says:

    Dropped in on Saturday without an appointment. They gladly took me anyway. A very nice lady named Helena cut my hair quickly and precisely according to my wishes. The owner of the shop is a very nice friendly man who sat and had a conversation with me about mutual interests and experiences. It is not easy to find an old fashioned true barber shop like when I was a kid. This made me happy on a Saturday afternoon and now I feel comfortable knowing where to get a haircut after relocating from out of state. I recommend this barber shop readily since I will be going back once a month myself. Thank you Helena.

  6. Garrett Morrison says:

    I heard about this barber shop from a friend and was impressed with his haircut, so I decided to go here. I am grateful for a nice clean haircut and it was good chatting with the stylist! We had things in common! 🙂

  7. Joey M says:

    Brought my son in there tonight he needed a cut for a wedding he is in this weekend Joe cut his hair he did an amazing job. Joe asked what he wanted done and my son told him to do whatever he trusted him and Joe didn’t disappoint we were very pleased. Thanks Joe for a great job he will be back.


  8. Marty Setzer says:

    I have been going to this Barber Shop now for approximately 2 years. My age is 72 (even though I still think I am a kid!) It is the finest Barber Shop I have ever gone to…and will continue to do so. I have been fortunate to have Helena. She is the “first” barber that has listened to how I wanted my hair cut….and does exactly what I asked! (this is why I listed my age above) Absolutely great hair cuts….great service….and they make you feel so welcome. I wish I could express my appreciation at the same level of “expertise” that they provide……..Helena…I thank you!

  9. Jim B says:

    After many years of getting sub-par haircuts at many different establishments, I have discovered the Arcadian Avenue Authentic Barber Shop and made an appointment with Joe.
    Just as the name implies “Authentic Barber Shop” this place is genuine and real from the minute you walk in. It has a relaxed welcoming atmosphere with personable highly skilled barbers that know their craft. You will leave with one of the best haircuts that you ever had in your lifetime.

  10. Samuel Kawalek says:

    Had a great haircut and face shave from Elena when I was traveling on business to WI. Will for sure be going back next time I’m in town!

  11. Tony C says:

    Been going to Joe since before he opened his barber shop on Arcadian Ave. Great barber, Great place. Joe and Derrick are top notch, and the atmosphere in the barbershop is one of the best.

  12. Jim says:

    I had my first Latin hot dog at your recent open house…outstanding ! Thanks for the hospitality ! Also, another great haircut from Derrick. You guys are THE best.

  13. Bryan says:

    Very fast and professional

  14. jim Dibble says:

    I have been going to the Arcadian Authentic Barber shop three times now and each visit was a very pleasant and relaxing experience, he trimmed my beard and was the best ever. If you are very fussy with the results after a visit with a barber, this is the place too visit

  15. Paul Bender says:

    Last November I was passing through Waukesha and stopped to see my cousin. I was early and I was in dire need of a haircut so I went for a drive and ended up across the street. A lady at Aldi’s pointed to the shop so I came over. The chair was tied up and Joe was short handed but he said I was welcome to hang around and see if an opening developed. Turned out the next customer was late so I got in. Joe gave me a great haircut and I got some history on the “family” business, which I greatly appreciated. It is so rare these days to find people practicing the same profession for most of their life and especially when that profession has been passed down for generations. Joe even told me the right way to comb my hair – thanks Joe I’m glad to finally know how after 65 years! And thanks again Joe; I recommend the Arcadian Ave. Authentic Barber Shop to all men young and old. See ya next time I’m in town!

  16. Mary says:

    I took my 13-year-old son to a haircut chain and he got, well, an uneven, bad haircut. He was not happy at all & I needed to get him in somewhere fast to fix the damage. I called Joe, who was very understanding and told me to come in that very night…that he would stay late to fix my son’s bad haircut. Wow.

    We have never been there before and what a cool place it is! Joe was so friendly and nice to us. He did a fantastic job fixing my son’s hair. My son was thrilled with the results and is sharing his good experience with his friends. We’ll certainly go back and look forward to seeing Joe again. Thank you for saving the day!!

  17. Derrick and Kyler says:

    It was my and my nephew, Kyler’s first time at the barbershop, as well as Kyler’s first ever haircut. Kyler is 2 years old and Joe did an amazing job and Kyler had a blast. Derrick cut my hair and also did a great job. Definitely coming back again. Thank you guys, my sister won’t kill me cause she loves his cut. 10 out of 10

  18. Nancy says:

    I was looking for a great Barber for my 83 year old father. He has difficulty getting around and all experiences outside of his home are very challenging. I was lucky I found Joe at Arcadian Ave. Barber Shop. My Dad was able to get a great hair cut and believe it or not a nice clean shave. I haven’t found that anywhere else. My father became confused while using the rest room and locked himself in. Joe and his staff were very accommodating and were able to unlock the door from the outside. Thanks for a great experience.

  19. Alex says:

    The very best in the trade that I have experienced thus far, and I am from Los Angeles. Joe, the owner, is highly skilled, conscientious, and a pleasant individual. The shop is well maintained, clean, and has a desirable atmosphere as well as being tastefully decorated.

  20. Matt says:

    Excellent barbershop. My son is such a fan he called it his “favorite thing to do with daddy” on a pre-school project.

  21. Cathy says:

    I normally would not go to the barber shop with my husband but he recently fell broke his back and had back surgery so it is difficult for him to get around and can’t drive yet. I found this barber shop searching the web and it said handicap accessible no stairs…great! And believe me was great. They helped me with him and made him feel welcomed. Both barbers there that day showed him care and concern. Now after all that – the shop it self is an experience; I would love to go there and just spend time looking through the books and antique photos and items. I never knew going to a barber would be so enjoyable. Ok the service, my husband got the best haircut he has ever had and we have lived and traveled all over the US besides that Derrick cut MY hair and I have received many compliments on how good MY hair looks, Derrick introduced me to a product – Moroccan oil, it is great! I could go on and on but really this is one barber shop you have to try, you wont regret it!

  22. Dennis Bish says:

    I am a 67 year old male and love visiting Joe and his Authentic Barber shop. It brings back memories of when I was a small boy accompanying my father to the barber shop. Joe has created an incredibly relaxed and friendly atmosphere with an old fashion feel and his haircuts are just great. Beats the pants off the fancy salons who never seem to get my haircut right but still manage to charge me $40 or more. Derrick is also a very good barber and has always cut my hair exactly to my specs. I highly recommend this barbershop to anyone interested in a good haircut at a reasonable price accompanied by a great atmosphere and a relaxed and friendly conversation.

  23. Raja Khan says:

    I have been a client of Derrik’s for about 10 years now and have gone to see him no matter where he is. Mr. Dino’s Brookfield, The Barbershop, MiCasa Salon and now Authentic Barbershop. Every place I have patronized for my haircut with Derrick has their own qualities. However, none of those places have the same authentic feel and customer focused service as the Authentic Barbershop in Waukesha. Joe, the owner, is there practically everyday and takes pride in not only his business but the quality of the service he provides. He spent a lot of time (and energy) making sure his business is welcoming and sincere to his passion of men’s haircuts and styling. I must add that no other salon finishes every haircut with a hot lather shave of your neck line! This is the perfect final touch!! I’m glad that Derrick moved to Authentic Barbershop.

  24. Steve Terwilliger says:

    This is the place to go for a true haircut. Don’t look any further if you want a consistent cut from true professionals in the craft.

  25. Chris Zastrow says:

    Derek does an excellent haircut , Reasonably priced, Very little waiting, Will be returning, Thanks !

    • Mike says:

      Best hair cut and conversation from Derrick! He has mad skills, couldn’t be happier! THIS IS MY HOME FOR HAIR CUTS!

  26. Andy says:

    Always a good experience. Great deal for a great haircut. Joe has always been great and I just got a sharp haircut from Derrick. I highly recommend the Arcadian Ave. Authentic Barber Shop.

  27. Justin Dunn says:

    These guys are the real deal. I went in and got my haircut by Derrick and couldn’t be happier. I am losing my hair, and I have been going to salons, having my cousins, having my girl, and in some cases, myself, cut my hair.

    The place is authentic. From straight shaves, to conversation, they do it right. They even have checkers set up for those waiting. Checkers? People might not be playing, but it is a nice touch. You get the full experience.

    If you are losing your hair, I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with Derrick. He knows what he is doing. He has been at it for 21 years and is passionate about his work. He’s also concerned about how happy you are with the cut. Isn’t that the point?

    I am sold on this place. One stop in and you will be as well.

  28. Jordan Stricker says:

    I have been searching for a place that I feel comfortable with cutting
    my hair for quite some time. Well I finally found it! The Authentic
    Barber shop on Arcadian makes me feel welcomed and comfortable.
    Derrick has one of the best attitudes a person could ask for. I get
    kind of nervous around barbers, but after seeing the work Derrick
    does, I will be coming back each and every time.

  29. Charles Brown says:

    My wife surprised me today with an appointment at Arcadian Barbershop.
    Due to a few recent health issues, she felt I should have some pampering….she chose Arcadian! She chose a REAL, OLD FASHIONED barber shop, and Arcadian more
    than delivers.
    Just to stop the world and step back in time with caring people who provide high quality services at very reasonable prices in a relaxing old time environment…this is the greatest!! Thank you gentlemen! Thank you Derrick! See you again!

  30. Ken Spencer says:

    I have been using Joe for about 5 years now and have never walked out with a bad cut. Before every major event or meeting I make sure to stop and see him. It’s always a good idea to call ahead as Joe can get busy. However, Joe has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to help me out when I didn’t plan ahead. Without question I recommend Joe.

  31. Darren Fields says:

    My wife and I were talking about taking our sons for haircuts and I said we should find a barber. I could remember my Mother taking me to a barber near my house when I was little and then how growing up my best friend’s father would cut my hair in the barber shop he had in his basement. We drive past this shop all the time and finally decided to stop in with our 8 year old autistic son. He loved watching the barber poll spinning around and when it was time for his cut, up he jumped into the chair. Joe the barber made him feel comfortable and special. After talking to Joe a bit and telling him my past with barbers, he asked who was my friend’s father. Told him Mr. Degen. He responded with “AL?” WOW! What a moment, Mr. D has been gone for far too many years now and fate brought my family into Joe’s shop. Not only did Joe know and work with Mr. D, but Joe had the chairs that Mr. D had down in his shop! So my son got to get his hair cut by an GREAT barber, but also he and I got to sit in the same chair that I sat in all those years ago now as a kid to get my hair cut. What a special moment for me, my son, and I am sure for Joe too! I have always said that things happen for a reason and I truly believe that God brought us all together that Saturday to remember a great man, barber, and father figure I had in my life. Thank you Joe for the special way to remember Mr. D and I am sure you will be seeing more of us now as regular customers!!

  32. Jerry Milbrath says:

    Recently I was in Waukesha looking for a barbershop. My older brother is in a nursing home and was badly in need of a haircut and I needed it done before I returned to Denver. I stopped by the Arcadian barbershop to see if I could get him in that afternoon(sat). Joe ,the Barber, said he was booked solid all day but that he’d see if he could get us in after the normal closing time. Later that day Joe called me and told me to bring him in. Not only did he get an excellent shave and haircut, my brother was visibly buoyed by how he looked when Joe had finished.Joe and his wife Angela, obviously love what they do and their attention to detail and service is something lost in the corporate mall shops. It’s got to be one of the best treasures in Waukesha!

  33. Jenny says:

    Joe is wonderful with children. I struggled to find a salon to cut my 3 young sons hair with no success. My husband suggested I find a barber. That is how we met Joe. The boys always look fabulous and Joe has such a great personality for kids. He has wonderful stories to tell the kids and he listens to them. The boys now view their haircuts as a form of entertainment. Thanks Joe!!!

  34. robert says:

    At this place you get a great haircut for a great price. I recommend this shop to anyone who likes looking fresh.

  35. Mannie B says:

    Best cut in town by far. Tailored hair cuts not your off the shelf one size fits all. Razor clean ups, are the icing on the cake..

  36. Taylor says:

    Amongst the traditional barbershop feel and atmosphere, you will find the man that will not only give you the haircut you want, but the haircut you deserve. I am a 21-year-old university student that had been stuck in the loop of commercially owned hair salons for the reason of an affordable haircut. The common theme behind them, besides the bells and whistles to distract, was that I never left with the haircut I had in my mind and the usual disappointment that follows. I’m happy to say that I did my research and found Joe. His work is top-notch and his prices are more than reasonable.

  37. Patrick Plattner says:

    Greetings from Switzerland…

    Hi Joe, we are back in Switzerland for some days now, and still remembering the great time we had on our vacation.

    Meeting you at the Barber Shop and getting my first haircut in the USA was on of the greatest highlights. We want to say “Thank You” again for the knife, it lays next to Heidi’s collectible items right now. By the way: The Oldsmobile Nationals in 2015 are in Wisconsin, near you, so I will be back for sure.

    Kindest Regards,

    Patrick and Heidi

  38. Adam Galaviz says:

    Angela did an excellent job cutting my hair. I am not very good at explaining how I want my hair so I showed her a picture. I got exactly what I wanted. As long as I live in Waukesha County I will be coming here for my hair cuts.

  39. Dan says:

    I was looking for a great barber in the Waukesha area and found one! I’ve been going to Arcadian Avenue Authentic Barbershop for 3 years now. Excellent cut. Joe really takes his time and embodies the art of barbering. I’ve tried other barbershops and have been really disappointed because they rush you in and out so quickly. Not the case at this Waukesha barber. Warm, friendly place. Easy to find.

  40. Jeff Wierzelewski says:

    My first visit ever to a Barber Shop was today. I had the pleasure of dealing with Angela for a shave, also my first ever straight razor shave. What a great experience! A great job, at a unbelievable price. Keep up the good work!

  41. Michael Hamilton says:

    I am visiting from San Antonio, Texas. I found this Barbershop to be the nicest I have been to in my 60 years! Thanks, great haircut!

  42. Harold Kacanek says:

    This is a great place. For every moment I sat in that chair I was transformed to the barber shop that I used to go to in the 40’s 50’s & 60’s. The place is spotlessly clean. These guys know there stuff. You leave looking and feeling well groomed and I doubt that you can get a better cut anywhere else. The price is ridiculously low.

  43. Tyler Tylinski says:

    Joe is an excellent barber with over 40 years of experience. He does a good job and listens to his costumers request. His prices are cheap $12-13 for a hair cut.

  44. Kevin Larson says:

    Great barbershop experience. Joe is a master barber with a “master of the true barbershop “, Great haircut, shaves with shaving cream and straight razor. Just what a “true” barbershop should provide. Keep up the good work- We love your great service. These shops are few and far between! I recommend this shop to anyone looking for a “cut above” the rest. No comparison to any other shop in the area.

  45. Mark Booth says:

    I am a 57 year old male and I get my hair cut at Arcadian every six weeks. It is a friendly shop with a great atmosphere. My experience is Joe does an excellent job and his help does an acceptable to good job. Which is ok by me since I’m not that fussy about my hair. I’ve had cuts from some expensive salons and from the cheaper places and the value here is the best I’ve found. Atmosphere is family friendly. I highly recommend this place for a haircut. Joe also cuts the hair of my neighbor’s adult children who have special needs (Autism and Downs syndrome). I’ve asked them for their opinion and they like Arcadian barbershop a lot. I give Arcadian a big thumbs up.

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