Welcome Angela!

Arcadian Avenue Authentic Barber Shop is proud to announce Angela Hausch will be starting Wisconsin’s New (Traditional Barber} apprentice program at M.A.T.C. and working at Arcadian Avenue Authentic Barber Shop starting 4/16/13. Please welcome Angela, she has proven her skills in every study she has perused.

Joe Hausch

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  1. admin says:

    Many of the Barbering classes will overlap with some Cosmetology classes, some of the required subject of study will pertain only to Barbering . Traditional Barbering pertains more directly to the Barbering services. One point to consider, many men who would like to become Traditional Barbers would never consider entering the trade if they are forced to study the profession of Cosmetology.
    The Cosmetology study is a wonderful Trade detailed to provide quality Cosmetology services .

    You must decide which profession you would prefer working in. You will get out of your study what you put into it. Your skill, time and practice are three of the most important factors.

    I hope I have helped you. You could also contact the State of Wisconsin for a detailed understanding of the Barbering program.

    Best regards,

  2. jim says:

    For Angela, Is your Traditional Barber apprenticeship at MATC the same as having to complete the state required cosmetology schooling at a matc/wctc/vici or paul Mitchell?? or is it beneficial additional education?

    Thanks Jim

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